Kyley Schmidt graduated with a degree in Textile Technology with a design concentration from the College of Textiles at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. She entered the Peace Corps and was sent to the island of Madagascar. She resides in a village where these lambas are produced. In the spring of 2003, she emailed three people including me about helping her develop a market for these lambas in order to improve living conditions in this village where $25 will feed a family of four for a month. I was the one who contacted her back and the rest has been a result of her concern for the people and my interest in being involved. Damascus Road Productions handles the sale of these items at this point and could serve as the wholesale distributor for the world.

What is the story behind these lambas?

First, the word lamba in the native language simply means rectangular piece of cloth. Madagascar is a unique island much like the Galapagos Islands because about 80% of the plants and animals on this island are found only here, nowhere else in the world. The lambas are made from a native natural silk the type of which is only grown on the island of Madagascar off the southeastern coast of Africa.

At this time, Damascus Road Productions has entered a marketing program with the village in Madagascar, Anjoman'Ankona where Kyley works, to sell their lambas world-wide. The village is now a coop and receives payment for the lambas through Damascus Road Productions. The money they receive is being used to improve their lives in many ways.

The villagers, mostly the women, gather the cocoons from the tapia trees and boil them to remove the silk. Then they spin the silk into yarn. The weavers in Kyley's village buy cocoons of the Borocera silkworm from a neighboring town about 30 miles away in Madagascar's Central Highlands. The Borocera silkworm, known locally as Landibe ("Big silk worm") grows only in Madagascar in the island's native forests of tapia trees.

The weavers boil the raw cocoons in soapy water for a morning. Then they put them in an insulated bag and pour small amounts of boiling water intermittently over them for a week which loosens up the fibers and turns it into a fibrous mass.

Then the yarn is dyed using local plants, roots, dirt or whatever is available.Here a weaver is using passion fruit leaves to produce a green color. The leaves are boiled with the yarn.

The weavers use about 15 types of plants and clays to give them their colors. Bark of the nato tree gives the deep red. Black rice paddy clay mixed with soot or mulberry seeds gives black thread. Curry and onion give yellow. Passion fruit leaves and local green leafy vegetable leaves give green color. Cactus roots produce a pink. The weavers use eucalyptus leaves and salt as a fixative. In general they pound the raw material, boil water with the pulp, then add the thread boiling repeatedly according to how dark they would like the color.

All the thread is hand-spun on drop spindles because the thread is too delicate to spin by machine. Spinning thread is the most labor-intensive part of the process, and it takes one woman a week to spin the thread for a big lamba. Those pods in the back are shells of beans, which is one food they farm and eat a lot.

The simple hand loom the weavers use is shown here. Usually there are one or two looms per weaving family. They insert small sticks into the warp to hold up the yarns when weaving patterns into the fabric. The bamboo stick across the width close to the weaver is to maintain an even width throughout the weaving of the scar or lamba. The weaver pushes down the yarn to perform the shedding mechanism. They thread the loom so every other thread lifts forming a simple basket weave.

So what is the situation with the village and the production of these lambas?

Some women in the capital are starting to use the silk in interior decoration and accessories. Pillows, handbags, bedspreads, tapestry, table lays, throws. The cloth often uses the raised mulberry silk (Bombyx mori) along with the wild Malagasy silk (Borocera madagasicarensis) used in the traditional cloth.

Modern Malagasy silk producers often have a hard time finding foreign markets because they don't stress or understand the importance of the fabric- its history, its unique look and texture, and the rarity of this wild silk AND bulk buyers often don't care as much about this but care about general look and price only. Also shipping is expensive and raises the price of the item. The problem is the price the buyers are willing to pay is not high enough to make it worth the producers' work. The fabric is hand made- the thread hand spun, the fabric woven on the most simple hand looms, and it takes a long time. But the final product is unique, natural, culturally interesting, and extremely classy.

The Tree Was Too Dangerous to Remain

My husband and I loved all the trees when we moved to our home about six years ago. It was actually one of the reasons we bought it, because it felt like the best of both worlds. We were right in the city, but all the trees on our property definitely gave it a country feel. One of the hardest decisions we had to make was contacting a company that does tree removal in Long Island just a few months after we moved in. My favorite tree was a large Maple right in the front yard. When we bought the house, we were more concerned about the house than the property, so we paid more attention to the house. If we would have paid more attention to the trees on the property, we would have seen that the large Maple was diseased. It was hard to tell just from looking at it from a distance, but getting up close to it made it very obvious. I had started to plant some flowers in the yard, close to the tree, when I noticed that the bark looked different than the other Maples we have.When I showed my husband, he knew instantly that upon closer inspection the tree was definitely dying. We called a tree removal company to come out and take a look. I was hopeful that we would be able to save it, but my husband grew up on a farm and recognized that the tree was a lost cause. The tree service that came out agreed with him, and we were given a quote on them taking it down. It was reasonable, so we went ahead and scheduled it. It was very hard watching my favorite tree come down, but having a diseased tree is just too dangerous, especially with how close it was to the house.

Tell Me This is Not Weird

I was really surprised the other day, me and some other guys were hanging out in the library between classes. I was studying because that is what I do in the library, but this guy I know was just cruising the web looking for different stuff. At any rate he laughed out loud and showed me this stuff that was used as bleaching cream for underarms. Why you would do this eludes me completely, but there was more to it than that. In fact they called this entire concept intimate bleaching and it was used in all of the places where you might not be able to look if you saw a guy walking down the street. Actually guy would not have some of the places that this stuff is used on. It is used for the vagina and the anus as well, which really creeps me out to be totally honest. I do not know why you would need to bleach your butthole at all. That just seems really bizarre to me.I was not really interested in this stuff beyond that, but that other guy began to obsess on the subject. It is like Donald Trump and his weird fixation with telling lies that serve no purpose, although it is a lot scarier when you think the guy with the nuclear codes might not really have a firm grip on reality. This is just strange in a way that makes you do a double take. For one thing I do not think I ever saw a girl pay much attention to that part of my anatomy. If you looked too closely you definitely might see something that you do not want to see. Of course I am interested in vaginas, but I never looked at one and thought that it needed to be bleached.

Perfect for Taking Baby About

When my wife suggested we look for the best umbrella stroller we could find for our young child, I thought she was talking about something to do with actual umbrellas. Why would you need a stroller for umbrellas? What can I say? I am a guy. After she stopped laughing she said they are a stroller that you can fold up when you are done using it. They are lightweight and perfect for traveling, which is important if you are going to go to the park with your kid and walk around on the trails. It's easy to get into the car as well.

The problem was sorting through the mountains of strollers available on the market. When I say there are many strollers to choose from, I am not joking. There must be thousands. We were not as concerned about things such as the color as we were about safety and durability. This is our first child and we are planning on having at least two more. In my money conscious mind, that meant picking out a stroller that could survive all three children. I was not optimistic about finding such a durable product as most stuff breaks easily.

We looked online and did a fair amount of research. We found a site that provided plenty of helpful information about a number of strollers as well as helpful links to online reviews from people who actually purchased and used them. Using the site helped us narrow down our options very quickly. You have to be careful about online reviews, of course, but the ones we found seemed helpful and true and in no time at all we had a stroller. I was impressed at how durable it seemed and it was easy to fold and unfold it quite quickly. We're happy with our purchase.

Music is Very Important to Me

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Something Needed to Change for the Better

When I dated my husband after we first met, we both liked to party. But he sort of hid from me just how much he liked to party. It was not until after we were married that I realized the extent of it, but it took about 5 years for it to really sink in. Finally, I realized that I needed to look into one of the rehabilitation centers in South Florida to see what they could offer my husband in the way of some serious help. I figured that I could check it all out, and then sit down and have a talk with him one night about it.

I really love the man that I am married to. But I really do not appreciate what he puts me and our children through with his drinking. Like I said, it took about 5 years to really figure out how bad the situation was. By then, we already had two children. He was not as out of control then when our children were babies as he is now. Now that the kids are both in elementary school, it seems like he thinks that he doesn't have to be as good as he was once before. So, he has been drinking more and more. My biggest problems with this are that he is not sober at times when he needs to be during emergencies. One of our sons fell out of a tree and broke his arm, but my husband was useless because he was drunk. Separately, he is very moody and sometimes angry around the kids now.

I did a lot of reading to learn how to approach him about the situation. I laid out everything that I was doing to say to him ahead of time so that I could make sure not to miss anything during the talk. I told him that I was leaving with the kids if he did not get help. I pointed out that there is a rehab center nearby and he has agreed to go.

Concrete Slab Force Estimation Software Can Keep Your New Buildings Standing on Unstable Ground

I am a planner for a construction company that builds big projects such as local shopping centers. In our region a builder began construction on newly excavated land that was once just a large hillside covered with trees. The hill was flattened on top and temporary roads were built to give access to construction equipment and materials. Shortly after, an anchor store opened. Then it closed when the slab began to crack and there was fear of building collapse. We use CSI Safe 2016 to prevent such things from happening.The hills around here are filled with natural springs that can be a real problem when you are planning on building. We build buildings on top of concrete slabs that are huge. One building may be the size of several football fields. That is a lot of concrete, and it is a lot of potential for cracking and subsidence problems if you do not do it right. Speaking of subsidence, the entire area is undermined, and you need to take that into account as well. Using the CSI Safe 2016 software on all of our large slab building projects has been beneficial to us. We have not had any structural problems like the one builder had where the retail anchor store at the new location had to return to the mall that was rundown and going out of business.I cannot even imagine the litigation the builder had to endure because of incorrectly calculating the forces that the concrete slab of the shopping center was going to be subjected to. Some people said they built on the land too fast after it was excavated. That was not the problem. I think it was the springs and instability of the area that caused it. Using the CSI Safe 2016 probably would have revealed the stresses to allow the builder to compensate.

A Party Bus for the Prom

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How Safe Are the Supplements You See on the Internet?

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Working out of a Virtual Office

It is a really nice building, but of course we do not have any of it for real. It does look sort of impressive when we have appointments with clients, they show up and they see a receptionist, a beautiful young lady we hired from a place that can help you out if you need a temporary corporate secretary in Singapore. Obviously if the client is smart they can see that the place is what you call a virtual office. We only pay for what we need and what we need will change from day to day and from week to week. The ones that are smart will see that this is really clever, since you are not paying for a lot of overhead on people and things that are superfluous. In fact there are only five of us in the entire region, all working out of Singapore. The main office does not really seem to understand how we are doing things here, but the cost of office space here really prohibits us from renting a full time place.So far we have done a pretty good job of cleaning up the mess that we found when we got here. The guy who was here before us was given a free rein to do as he pleased. So long as he made the sales no one cared very much about how he did it, but it turned out that he was cutting all sorts of corners and probably breaking a few laws. The big thing for us is that he was not keeping proper records and we had to piece things together like a jigsaw puzzle. For the most part we think that we have figured it all out and established good relations with the people who we need to make sales to.

Fat Freezing to Eliminate Trouble Spots in Singapore

While on vacation with my best friend, we were definitely overindulging for the duration of our trip. We ate at the finest restaurants and drank until the wee hours as we enjoyed our time on our around the world adventure. Our last stop had us both seriously checking into fat freezing in Singapore when our vacation clothes seemed to be shrinking and feeling tighter and tighter.

Fat freezing may sound pretty drastic, but it actually isn't as we learned. We had visited a spa for a manicure, pedicure and massage and were discussing how we would spend the last two weeks of our trip, both of us talking about how we needed to diet as soon as we got home. A lovely manicurist, who spoke impeccable English asked if we had ever heard about fat freezing and when we said no, she quickly explained how the process worked.

Fat freezing, more commonly referred to as a process called "coolsculpting," required little more than a visit to a medical professional who would use a tool externally to freeze fat cells that would then be eliminated through normal perspiration and urination. The process wasn't immediate, but it also was completely non-invasive and wouldn't require any time off of work, or in our case, vacation fun. We could have the procedure done right in Singapore and would be well on the way to more toned bodies by the time we arrived home, with full results seen in a few months.

I knew I had gained at least ten pounds over the duration of our trip, but also knew a little diet and exercise was all that was needed to shed those extra pounds. What was foremost in my mind as we talked with the doctor were the areas I had battled throughout my life including stubborn belly fat that no amount of exercise or diet was doing anything to eliminate. My best friend was convinced and scheduled an appointment for the next day. I needed a little time to think about it and thought I would pursue it when we returned from our trip. I am sorry I waited as I see my best friend with her bikini body back already while I am just starting with my treatment.

Learning About Local Customs Was Important for My Job

There was little chance for me to travel when young because it was not something that my family could afford. That is out of reach for most families with several children. So, after graduating, I wanted to get a job overseas. It seemed there was quite a bit I needed to learn when it comes to etiquette that isn't what I grew up with. For example, I needed to buy some Singapore corporate gifts and what someone would appreciate in my home country is not always what someone in Singapore would appreciate. I ended up buying a book to help me out. I really wanted to show respect to all of my coworkers and clients to make sure that things go as well as can be expected.

I remember my mom teaching me and my two brothers etiquette when we were in elementary school. She started out with eating. We were all sitting at the table one night, and dad had a rough day at work earlier in the day. He said that each of us needed to learn how to eat with our mouths closed. Mom had been trying to teach each of us that, but I guess we were each being a bit lazy. Dad said that needed to stop because learning manners shows respect to others. It shows them that you care about how they feel. After that, mom got us a book to read that would help us to learn more about how to be polite when in the company of other people.

The book that I got as an adult really helped out. For instance, I learned that I was handing my business card to clients incorrectly. When in Singapore, you should hand it to others with both hands at once, rather than just one hand. After I became more familiar with what the people in my new area expected, I found that my sales began to rise as a result.

Ants Swarming on Sidewalk End Up in Kitchen

Ants drive me nuts. They crawl all over the place looking for food. I can understand that. I do that myself just before sitting down to watch some TV in the evening. Ants are social creatures. They go out making a trail of pheromones. If they find food, they double up the scent trail on the way back. That way more ants can follow the trail to the food source. When I saw about a hundred of them on our countertop in the kitchen, I knew I had to call an exterminator in NYC to get rid of them.There is likely not any way a homeowner could find the path they are taking to get inside. Unless there is a huge line coming and going, you just won't see where they are coming in at. Plus, they can be coming up through the foundation through little tunnels under ground. Not all of them crawl up the outside of the foundation leaving a visible trail. It is suspected that the ones at our house where getting in through an old section of stone foundation that was about three layers thick. There was no sealing it tight. The only thing we could do was have it sprayed.Earlier that spring I had seen ants swarming on the sidewalk out front. I did not think anything about it until they got inside. Their colony must have grown to huge proportions and they expanded their territory in search of food. With two teenagers and a preteen, there are always crumbs on the counter that attract lots of little critters. Oh, the kids did clean up. They just did not do a thorough job like their mom does. I did not want to have to kill the ants, but I also could not have them taking over my kitchen. The good thing that came out of it is the meticulous attention the kids are now giving to wiping the countertop clean. They don't want the ants back either.

We Adopted a Dog and Had to Move Right Away

We had to move because I had to adopt a dog. My wife and I stopped by an animal shelter to volunteer. I saw a little girl dog who was standing up at her gate just wagging her tail like crazy. She was so happy when I went over and pet her. The other volunteer asked me if I wanted to take her for a walk. My wife and I took her outside. She was so happy and friendly. I could not shove her back in that cage and go, so we looked for apartments for rent in San Antonio that allowed pets as we drove home to our no-pet apartment.We were able to hide her for the few days it took us to move. I know it might sound crazy, but when we make a commitment, we really go all out. Our lease had just expired anyway, and we were casually looking. This just sped things up considerably. We do not have a lot of possessions, and I was able to move all of our stuff with our pickup truck. It was nice to find apartments for rent in San Antonio that allowed pets. I will never choose to live in a place that does not allow them again. We even like our neighbors better. People that have pets or like them enough to live in a place that allows them seem to be really decent people. Well, that is our experience so far anyway.We really like this apartment better too. We can finally get a washer and dryer, and the granite countertops in the kitchen look a whole lot better than that laminate junk we had in the old place. They have a dog park here too, and we have a ton of fun with our Maxine at the dog park. It is like everything just fell into place with this pet adoption. I never expected to have to move after our first trip to the animal shelter, but once a doggy steals your heart, what can you do?

We Were Wowed at the Luxury of the Condos at the Bellewoods EC Launch

I went to view the actual units at the Bellewoods EC launch with my wife. We left our two children with their grandparents. We did not want to get them too excited about moving if we were not going to pick a place there. We were impressed that they have a guard house and multiple swimming areas including a 50 meter infinity pool. The swimming areas are not just pools under open skies. They are aquatic forests surrounded by trees, grass and planted areas. Some of the pools have islands that are planted with trees and grass. It is very beautiful to see.The condos themselves are very nice. We looked at units that have four bedrooms. At the moment, our children are sharing a bedroom. Soon they will be at an age they will need to have their own separate bedrooms. They will enjoy that immensely if they can begin that immediately. We are getting a spare room for visiting relatives and for general use. We like being up high in a building or on the ground floor. It is not bad living on a middle floor, it is just a personal preference of ours to be be on the ground level or at the very top if it is possible.I would say that we like top-floor living the best. The views can be spectacular. I like a condo that has a generous balcony for each residence. My wife and I enjoy sitting out on the balcony and talking when we have our morning breakfast and coffee before the work and school days begin. The children are old enough to be safe on a high rise balcony too. We really have been taken with the new units at the Bellewoods EC launch we saw, and we put in our application right away to secure a four-bedroom condo.

Reading the Reviews Helped Me Make Up My Mind

Finding the best photo scanning software review was easy once I found your website. My husband had just opened up a restaurant and wanted to build a website for it. I told him people really respond to photos of food. Over the years when he would come up with a new recipe he would take a photo of it, and since we didn't have a digital camera we would have to scan the photos in the computer for the new website. After we finally got the website started it was time to upload the pictures. So I went online to find a good software that not only helped me upload the pictures, but let me edit the pictures too. Since some of the pictures were older I wanted to refresh them with a little creative editing.

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Apartment Prices in Cordova Tennessee

My son has been kind of helpless for most of his life, at least in terms of trying to do things that an adult would do. Well, that didn't make much sense. But anyway, what I meant is that he really struggles with taking on the responsibilities of being an adult, and thus still relies on me for a lot of things. Right now, I have to look online for apartments in Cordova Tennessee as my son needs to find a new place to live.

I almost told him no, and that he needs to be able to find an apartment on his own. After all, I am not always going to be here to hold his hand and help him through things that he is more than old enough to be able to take care of on his own. I came pretty close to telling him that. But then a thought came to my mind. If I do not help him to find an apartment, then there is a decent chance that he might end up living with me again, and that is the last thing that I want to happen. It would be much worse than having to help him be a functional adult. I am sure that if he was in my house, he would regress even further, and try to make me deal with more things in his life.

I am getting a headache just thinking about what that would be like. It was bad enough dealing with him until he turned 18 and went to college. I can't imagine having to deal with it again. All of my complaints make it sound like I don't love him, but I really do. I guess I should just start looking for an apartment for him to live in.

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Business Philosophy
The initial reason for founding Damascus Road Productions was to provide a means to market different forms of art that would be attractive to a diversity of people. When the connection with Madagascar was made, we learned that Damascus Road Productions could become a world marketing firm and provide incredible assistance to talented people in a jungle village. We intend to be a successful business as well as improve living conditions for people who need and deserve assistance. The following statements present the important facets of this business. While we are definitely involved in helping people such as the village in Madagascar, we are not a non-profit business. We are committed to insuring that quality products are distributed, no matter what the product is. The leadership of this business resides with the co-founders and all decisions to expand and umbrella any other individuals are made by those two founders. We welcome any inquiries from individuals who may wish to become part of this business venture as a supplier or buyer.
History of Damascus Road Productions
Philip Dail and Bradley Cummins, both residents of Garner, NC, founded this company officially in November of 2003 for the purpose of marketing treasures from all over the world. The young company has landed some beautiful items for their enterprise including the Malagasy Lamba textile collection and the Visions of the Americas photography collection. The connections this company has to people around the world are amazing and support the mission of this company to introduce the beauty of diverse cultures to people everywhere. Philip Dail Philip is the Director of Advising and Admissions for the College of Textiles at NC State University. This position affords him great contact with people who are involved in the production of textile products of all types. Philip has degrees in Biology with a concentration in Plant Physiology, Physics and Science Education, Chemistry and Education of Exceptional Children. He has 34 years of teaching experience at the high school and college levels. He is a world traveler having spent time in the former USSR, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Greece, Canada, Mexico, England, Wales, Ireland, Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, the Virgin Islands, Denmark and Norway as well as having traveled extensively throughout the United States of America visiting 47 of the 48 contiguous states on two occasions. He has a strong interest in the cultures of all countries with a particular interest in the role of textiles in their traditions. He enjoys photography, teaching, growing roses, traveling, cooking, reading and being involved in community service. Bradley Cummins Bradley is currently free lancing around the world working at various jobs and doing volunteer work helping people. He spent the summer of 2004 in Alaska and is traveling to Brazil for part of 2004 and 2005. He has degrees in Spanish and Textile Engineering and has used the degrees greatly in his travels and his work in information technology. He has traveled in Costa Rica, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, El Salvador, Guatemala, the Virgin Islands and throughout the United States of America. He is an avid water sports enthusiast recently taking on kite surfing to add to his fun. He enjoys traveling, photography, journaling, playing guitar, and learning about wines.
Lamba Sizing
When dealing with any handmade item, dimensions are going to vary slightly. We have chosen to group the lamba sizes as follows. When you see a picture of a lamba, you are shown the entire surface of the lamba. You will not see the very edge of a lamba but what you see at the side of the picture is the last color on the edge of the lamba, Of course, this is not an issue with the solid colored lambas. If you do want to know exact dimensions of a specific lamba, feel free to email us. Extra Small - 8 to 10 inches wide (20 to 25 cm) and 55 to 60 inches long (138 to 150 cm) Small - 10 to 12 inches wide (25 to 30 cm) and 58 to 64 inches long (145 to 160 cm) Medium - 12 to 14 inches wide (30 to 35 cm) and 80 to 84 inches long (200 to 210 cm) Large - 15 to 20 inches wide (38 to 50 cm) and 80 to 84 inches long (200 to 210 cm) Extra Large - 20-26 inches wide (50 to 65 cm) and 80 to 84 inches long (200 to 210 cm)